Code of Conduct

Is a tool to help us make ethical commercial, technical and financial decisions, emphasizing on our corporate culture and guiding principles. Its applied to all employees and managers of Gases del Caribe (including the members of the Board of Directors), as well as all of the contractors and the vendors of The Company.
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Dear collaborators:

I have the pleasure to introduce the Gases del Caribe S.A. Public Utility Company’s (“Gases del Caribe”) Code of conduct.

Our mission is to perform our work with excellence and responsibility, using state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee proper levels of quality in our products and services that we offer to our customers. We take interest in benefiting the community and the conservation of the environment.

We believe our people is the key factor for accomplishing the objectives established. Therefore, we foster their comprehensive development and provide a stable job environment, that is safe and with opportunities for personal and professional development.

The proper management of the financial resources and the identification of investment opportunities enable us to have the levels of profitability that benefit our shareholders and assure the permanence and the sustained growth of Gases del Caribe in time.

The Management of Gases del Caribe has the commitment to provide all of the members of the human team the resources needed included in the code on their daily activities. It is mandatory that everyone read the code, participate in the training and sign the acceptance form. It is as important that we act responsibly asking questions when we have any reason to believe that the code is not being enforced, and for that matter the Gases del Caribe Compliance Officer has been appointed, who you can contact when there are any doubts or questions regarding the code.

Ramón Dávila Martínez
General Director
Gases del Caribe S.A. E.S.P.

If you need to report a gas leak, please immediately call 164 or 018000915334

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