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Gases del Caribe S. A., Empresa de Servicios Públicos, was incorporated in October 19 of 1966, and started operations on January 2 of 1967 with sales of propane gas to the Atlantic Coast, including Antioquia and San Andres y Providencia.
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Gases del Caribe S. A., Empresa de Servicios Públicos, was incorporated in October 19 of 1966, and started operations on January 2 of 1967 with sales of propane gas to the Atlantic Coast, including Antioquia and San Andres y Providencia. Due to the continuous decline of propane gas production, The Company started to plan the step-by-step replacement for natural gas brought from La Guajira.

Starting in 1968, The Company limited it’s service area to the departments of Atlantico, Magdalena and Cesar. During that time, the supply of gas was less than the demand. Because of it, the government established the quotas and the prices. Even then, there were many companies providing the same service, but the gas would not get to the desired levels of coverage.

In 1976, Gases del Caribe designed in modern business project, new and unique in the country, with the purpose of expanding the coverage, massifying the natural gas service for households and providing wellness to the community; for that, it was necessary to build the distribution network in the assigned areas with polyethylene piping.

In 1997 started to supply natural gas in Barranquilla through the internal distribution network connected to the Ballena – Barranquilla gas pipeline, property of Promigas. Margarita Diago, resident of the household located in Cra. 64 #85-169, would become the first user in the country to enjoy the benefits of natural gas and to leverage from it’s attributes to consolidate her business La casa de Marguie. By the end of 1978 EL Rodadero started to get supply, by mid-1982 Sabanalarga and then continue to expand the network towards numerous populations in the departments within its area of influence.

Starting in 1992, Gases del Caribe started with natural gas distribution under the modality of virtual gas pipelines, a system that consists of taking the natural, liquefied or compressed gas through trailers or tankers, that would transfer at the gas to the stations located in different populations in order to be distributed to the households and commercial established. That very year, Gases del Caribe established it’s headquarters at Carrera 45 No. 59-154 in Barranquilla. Valledupar was the pilot test for the virtual gas modality, and up to five neighborhoods in the city where provided with natural gas service to cover the needs of approximately 750 families of stratums 1 and 2. The system was temporarily used while the construction of the gas pipeline Ballenas – Barrancabermeja was taking place, which lasted a year and a half, during that period the service was provided with stability and uninterrupted.

That technology has arrived to benefit not only Colombian municipalities, but also many countries in the world, where, due to their geographic location, it is necessary to implement this technique in order to meet the need for this public service. Currently, The Company supplies under this modality to the municipalities of Algarrobo (Magdalena), Bosconia and El Copey (Cesar).

Towards 2013, bearing in mind the decline of production of the gas fields in La Guajira, which represents more than 90% of the natural gas that we distribute to our users, The Company started to consider alternatives to diversify its sources of supply in order to guarantee the continuity of the service and increasing the distribution assets, and assuring the competitiveness of its users based upon commercial mid and long term agreements with gas producers and minor fields located in the Caribbean Region. Today, Gases del Caribe guarantees the distribution and natural gas trade and its area of influence, given that it obtains it’s gas from different sources, amongst them we highlight the following fields (wells): Ballena, Bonga y Mamey, La Creciente, El Difícil, Guama, Maracas, Arjona, Nelson y Arianna.

The registered gas coverage currently surpasses 90% in departments of Atlantico, Magdalena and Bolivar, rendering services two approximately 1,000,000 users, spread out in more than 220 populations.

Currently, there is an approximate area of 200 km of steel pipeline of 8 inches, which allowed to expand the coverage and interconnect the municipalities of the departments of Cesar and Magdalena.

Our quality policy is based on selling and distributing natural gas safely and reliably, committed to continued improvement of our processes and services, and to meet the needs of our customers in all aspects that are linked to our operation, for that we have a competent human team.

In this way, and efficiently, Gases del Caribe generates well-being for the community and the employees, profitability to its shareholders and protection to the environment, meeting all the legal, regulatory, technical and contractual requirements.

If you need to report a gas leak, please immediately call 164 or 018000915334

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