Metrology Laboratory

Gases del Caribe E.S.P. has a metrology lab that offers calibration services in the volume area (Gas Meters) and equipment for the gas pressure, temperature and concentration magnitudes. Meters), pressure, temperature and concentration magnitudes.
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Our metrology lab offers the measurement equipment and instruments calibration in the gas volume (Gas Meters), pressure, temperature and concentration magnitudes.

Volume Magnitudes (Gas Meters):


At Gases del Caribe S.A Public Utility Company we have the ONAC accreditation, valid up to date, with the accreditation code 11-LAC-026, under the ISO/IEC standard 17025:2017 for the following services:

  • Calibration of diaphragm type gas meters from 0,016m3/h to 15m3/h under the NTC 2728 standard.
  • Calibration of revolving type gas meters from 0,5 m3/h to 650 m3/h under the NTC 4136 standard.

The meters subject to calibration can be for residential, commercial and industrial use, that utilize the diaphragm, turbine or earlobe mechanisms.

Other Magnitudes: :
Aside from the calibration mechanisms accredited that the lab offers, non-accredited calibration services are also rendered with traceability to the accredited labs for the following instruments and equipment:



The metrology lab of Gases del Caribe E.S.P strives to comply with highest quality, impartiality, accuracy and integrity standards on its services to assure the reliability, with the purpose of reaching the customers’ satisfaction. Cognizant that our main commitment is with our customers and the community, we have a broad physical infrastructure, methodological traceability and instruments used in the calibration procedures and a highly trained and motivated personnel.

If you need to report a gas leak, please immediately call 164 or 018000915334

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