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Know the procedure to easily access our services. Remember that our works have a guarantee and are carried out by expert and certified personnel.
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How to acquire gas service for your home?

If you household does not have the natural gas service and installation, Gases del Caribe S.A. E.S.P. will install it. The procedure is the following:

  1. Request a quote for the natual gas service through any of our customer service channels (toll-free 164, ofices or in writing)
  2. In a timeframe no longer than eight (8) working days, Gases del Caribe will schedule a visit with the user, for the trained and qualifyied personnel to check the technical and physcial conditions of the household for the instalation of the natural gas service.
  3. If the household meets the requirements, the contractor will provide the quote. In case the opposite, the inconvinient will be reported, so that corrective measures are taken.
  4. In a span no longe than 30 working days, Gases del Caribe will shcedula a visit with certified and qualifyied staff that will carry out the installation work for the natual gas service.

For businesses such as bakerys, resturants and hospitals:

The procedure for the service request is the following:

  1. The legal representative or a business representative will request a natural gas service quote through any of our customer service channels (toll-free 164, ofices or in writing)
  2. In a span no longere than eight (8) working days, Gases del Caribe will schedule a visit for the certified and qualifyied staff to determine the technical features of the natural gas installation needed for the service according to the gas artifacts to be installed, and procedes to issue the service quote based upon the technical visit.
    Note: An essencial condition to be able to issue the quote is that the equipment to be installed is located on-site and the manuals or data sheets are available to run the proper calculations accurately of pressure and accesories.
  3. If the interested business accepts the quote, it is needed to come to any of our service locations, in order to be able to start the natural gas service contract, as well as providing the invioce for the installation of the service that can be paid in any of our payment locations.
    Note: The amount due in the invoice will be the down payment of at least 30% of the total cost of the service and the balance will be a credit of maximum six (6) months
  4. In a span no longer than 30 days, Gases del Caribe will do the installation of the natural gas service with qualifyied and certified staff.

    NOTE: Under no circumstance the vendor is authorized to receive money. The user must make the payment only in the authorized collections locations.

Change of name for the subscriber

The users interested in changing the name for the natural gas subscriptions will need to do the following:

Send a request in writing to The Company, signed by the owner(s), holder(s) and/or tenant(s) of the property along with the following documents:

  • Copy of the ID of the new subscriber
  • Any of the following documents: Ownership and No-Lien Certificate issued within the last 30 days, Sell-Purchase Public Deed, Public Deed of Possession, Judicial Order for the Allocation of the property, Administrative Resolution of allocation of the property, Leasing Contract signed with a duly incorporated financial entity, or Nomenclature Certificate issued by the Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute.
  • The address of the property where the service will be provided must match the address in said documents. In case that the property address does not appear in any of the previous documents, the interested party will have to bring a sworn statement of the possession of the property. The statement must have the testimony of at least two (2) witnesses.

For the special cases, the user must follow the prior procedure and attach the corresponding documents for the case:

  • When the request is filed by a legal entity, it shall be signed by the legal representative and has to go along with the Legal Representation and Incorporation Certificate of the document that certifies the status, the issue date must not be greater than 30 days.
  • When the owner(s), holder, tenant of the property and/or current subscriber of the service wants the bill in the name of a third party. In this case, the third party shall also state clearly and in writing that they accept to take on the responsibility of the obligations that belong to the subscriber
  • When the subscriber is underage or is legally disabled, the request for name change must be done by his/her legal representative, tutor and/or caretaker, for that purpose the birth certificate or judicial order must be attached showing the asignation of the tutor or caretaker.
  • When the owner or the holder of the property is deceased, the partner or permanent companion and/or children can request the name of the subscriber changed as long as, the other documents mentioned in the previous procedure, are attached with the death certificate and the birth certificate (for the children) or the marriage certificate (for the partner) that wishes to appear as the new subscriber of the natural gas service, or the sworn statement that accredits the permanent companion condition.
  • In the case where there are many property owners, the Company will only register the one or ones that are requesting.

Download PDF

Change of Stratum

The users that are interested in changing the property where the natural gas service is installed must meet the following

  • Present a written request to The Company, which can be signed by the owner(s), holder(s) and/or the tenant of the property
  • Along with the request, the following documents must be filed: Certificate of stratum or the resolution that modifies the stratum, the suscription or a copy of a utility bill.
  • Gases del Caribe will send the stakeholder a letter with the answer in a timeframe no greater that fifteen (15) working days.

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Send the bill to the email

The address for the charges is where the service is provided. If a user wishes to receive the bill by email must register in our website of online services.

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Service Cancellation

The following requirements must be met by the user in order to cancel the natural gas service Contract:

  • File a request for the cancellation of the service and/or the reinburstment of the down paymnet, which should be sent with any of
    the following documents: : Ownership and No-Lien Certificate issued within the last 30 days, Sell-Purchase Public Deed, Public Deed of Possession, Judicial Order for the Allocation of the property, Administrative Resolution of allocation of the property, Leasing Contract signed with a duly incorporated financial entity, or Nomenclature Certificate issued by the Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute. The Address of the property where the service is provided must match the one on the documents. In the case that the address does not appear on any of the previous documents, the stakeholder must bring a sworn statement of possession of the property. The statement must have at least two (2) witnesses. The request must be signed by the owner of the property and a copy of the ID must be attached.
  • Once the letter is received, Gases del Caribe will schedule a visit so that qulifyied and certified personnel can carry out the work in order to suspend the service.
Additional services that we ofer for your home
If you want to carry out any modification to the natural gas installation, Gases del Caribe will provide you the possibility to acquire the following services:

  • Relocating the measurement center (meters and components): if modifications were performed to your household, you may request a change of spot for the measurement center location.
  • Request for an additional outlet: If you need to connect another gas device and/or gas powered appliance you can request an additional outlet.
  • Relocation of the internal natural gas piping: Due to modifications in your household, you can request a change of place for the internal natural gas piping.
  • Connection of gas powered devices and/or appliances: Gases del Caribe will easily install the gas devices that you request.
  • Refinancing of debt: Pay comfortable installments of your debt balance through the natural gas bill.
  • Reactivation of the service: If your service has been suspended, you can reactivated paying the balance due and the reconnection fee. Gases del Caribe can also charge a reconnection fee in the next bill.

The procedure to be followed to request any of the previous services is the following

  1. Call customer service line 164..
  2. Have at hand the gas bill or the address of the household. Request the service desired
  3. Gases del Caribe will schedule a visit with qualified personell to carry out the work required. The fee for the service can be deferred to a maximum of 48 installments for the residential users and 6 for the non-residential.
  4. The fee will be charged to the bill with the installments mentioned previously according to the category (residential or commercial). In the case that the user wishes to redefer the service fee in less installments must go to one of the ofices of The Company.
Information, Requirements and Procedures to Change the Vendor

In conformity with Resolution CREG 123 of 2013, the company GASES DEL CARIBE S.A PUBLIC UTILITY COMPANY (GASCARIB) informs that:

  • The users of the natural has public utility service have the right to freely choose their trader.

TRADER is understood as the market participant of natural gas that buys natural gas and/or transport capacity in the primary market and/or the secondary market and the sells is to other operations of said market, or to the end users.
THE TRADER selling to the end-users will also be included in the commercial intermediation of the distribution of natural gas.

On the other hand, a DISTRIBUTOR is understood as the person that carries out a set of activities for the distribution of combustible gas, through a pipeline or another mean, from a processing center of large volumes or from a central gas pipeline to the installation of the end-user, including the connection and metering.

  • The number of TRADERS that, currently, that are providing their services in the market of GASCARIBE are the following:
Relevant Market Number of Traders
Sub-market 1 with: Barranquilla, Santa Lucía, Malambo, Baranoa, Campo de la Cruz, Candelaria, Galapa, Repelón, Santo Tomás, Soledad, Tubará, Luruaco, Juan de Acosta, Clemencia, Manatí, Palmar de Varela, Piojó, Polonuevo, Ponedera, Puerto Colombia, Sabanagrande, Sabanalarga, Suan, Usiacurí, Santa Marta, Retén, Sitio Nuevo, Zona Banera, Salamina, Ciénaga,  Fundación, Pueblo Viejo, Aracataca, Remolino, San Estanislao, Calamar, Soplaviento, Valledupar, Manaure y La Paz, en los departamentos de Atlántico, Magdalena, Bolivar y Cesar. 2
Sub-market 2 with: Arroyohondo, San Cristóbal y El Piñón en los departamentos de Bolivar y Magdalena
Sub-market 3 with: Cerro de San Antonio, Concordia, Pedraza, Tenerife y Zapayán del departamento de Magdalena
Sabanas de San Angel 0
El Paso 0
Chimichagua 0
Astrea 0
Nueva Granada 0
Chibolo 0
Pivijai, Plato, Ariguaní, Algarrobo, Bosconia y El Copey 0
Guamal, Pijiño del Carmen, Santa Bárbara de Pinto, San Sebastian de Buenavista y San Zenón en el departamento de Magdalena 0

The unit cost fee that GASCARIBE charges its users and each one of the relevant markets is published every month in a High circulation newspaper. This information can be inquired in our website, clicking the CUSTOMERS tab and then RATES.

  • For information related to the contracts ofered by GASCARIBE you can search our website, choosing the tab USER INFORMATION and then DOCUMENTS OF INTEREST. You can also contact the Trade Division of GASCARIBE by dialing the phone number (57)(5)3306000.



For the user to request a change of trader must:

  1. Have met the minimum Service time with the TRADER, that asked her the regulation and effect (resolution CREG 108 OF 1997 – article 15) it’s 12 months, except for the fixed term contracts.


  1. Be in good standing in all areas with the TRADER that provides the service, pursuant of article 27 and 28 of resolution CREG 123 OF 2013, and the standards that modify it or replace it.


The good standing will pertain to the consumption billed to the user. Therefore a good standing letter of non-billed consumption to the user by the trader that provides the service won’t be needed.

The trader that provides the service must give an answer to the request of good standing within the five (5) following working days to the day that the request is made. In case that the trader does not provide an answer within the established timeframe the change can be carried out without this requirement.

In order to secure the payment for the consumption billed and/or issued and not billed from the time of the issuance of the good standing letter and the moment of the change of trader, the new trader must, with the prior agreement with the user, take on the payment of the consumption billed and the other consumption performed and not billed The new trader must charge of the user the amount of the payments that are made for the aforementioned items.

  1. Receiving the payment directly or through the new trader for the billed consumption and/or used consumption and not billed from the time of issuance of the good standing letter that the user requests for the change of trader and the moment of the actual change of trader.


  1. Having an individual telemetry system as per what is established in the current regulation.


  1. The user shall contact the trader that has been chosen as the new service provider and will authorize to handle the change of trader.

The trader that provides the service to the user cannot demand a participation in the process of changing the trader and will directly communicate with the new service provider.



If you need to report a gas leak, please immediately call 164 or 018000915334

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