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We are a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of natural gas and promoting its use as a source of clean and efficient energy, to contribute, through providing an excellent service, to elevate the quality of life of the communities served.

We have a human team that is competent and committed to their organization and the community that we serve; with technology infrastructure and a network fitted to the development and the needs of our users, and also with the equity support needed for accomplishing our goals, that include the use of a socially responsible strategies.

We yield profitability to our shareholders, protection to the environment and wellness to our workers and the community overall.


To become the leading natural gas trade and distribution company, always willing to provide an excellent service and promoting new use alternatives.

We will continue working to reach all the populations of our area of influence guided by a social responsibility policy.

We leverage our experience, knowledge, image, and reputation to create new business units around the sector, and invest in companies attune to the activity of natural gas distribution and trade that generate benefit for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Corporate values


Capability to appreciate and accept others in spite of their differences, working in an environment of kindness; through nice and cordial behaviors.


Feeling and acting consequently with the values at all moments, with moral, good habits and the best professional practices, respecting the organizational policies.


Work performance with quality, effort, dedication and timeliness, applying the acquired knowledge in the best possible way to carry on our job with discipline, mystic and quality.


To be fully mindful, of myself and the others around what is good and appropriate for our role, behavior and relationships, without contradictions or discrepancies between mindset, words and actions.


Considering the organization objectives as our own. Supporting the decisions, preventing and overcoming obstacles, meeting the commitments acquired with the willingness of positive service and attitudes in reaching the responsibilities.

Customer service

Means a desire to help and serve the customers, understanding and meeting their needs, as well as for operating to improve the customer-company relationship.

Service policies

Our quality policy is to distribute and sell natural gas safely and reliably, committing to continuous improvement of our processes and services, to satisfy the needs of our customers, in aspects related to our operation, with a competent human resource team.

In this way, in an efficient manner we provide wellness to the community and our employees, profitability to our shareholders and protection to the environment, meeting all the legal, regulatory, technical and contractual requirements.

Safety, occupational health and environmental policy

Gases del Caribe S.A., EMPRESA DE SERVICIOS PÚBLICOS, performs the sale and distribution of natural gas and maximum safety conditions, IN no way that affects the health and the safety of our employees, contractors, users and the community, at the same time providing protection to the environment. To meet this purpose, The Company:

  • Identifies, mitigates and controls any risk that can affect health, safety and the environment.
  • Has programs that guarantee the compliance in the awareness of all national laws and regulations, as well as international standards, around safety and occupational health that apply to the work, products and operations.
  • Develops communication mechanisms with the employees, contractors, users and stakeholders for greater assurance of safety, preservation of health and the environment.
  • Continuously improves the performance of the activities undertaken around safety, occupational health and the environment.

The Administration of Gases del Caribe S.A., EMPRESA DE SERVICIOS PÚBLICOS, requires that each one of our employees and contractors, truthfully abides by this policy, applying it within all of their actions inside and out of The Company, consider it part of their values and communicate to their superiors about any potentially adverse situation that takes place.

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La Fundación Gases del Caribe, es una organización sin ánimo de lucro creada en el año 2005 mediante la donación que hizo la Empresa Gases del Caribe con el propósito de promover el mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de las comunidades donde opera.

If you need to report a gas leak, please immediately call 164 or 018000915334

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